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#264 YearOfSnakeVille

前THEME1	Tab Falco & The Panther Burns	Snake Drive	1981	Behind the Magnolia Curtain	Rough Trade? FZ4000
M1	John Brim	Rattle Snake	1953	Who's Muddy Shoes	MCA/CHESS MVCM-22029
M2	Bumble Bee Slim	Fattenin' Frogs For Snake	1935	Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order Vol. 4: 1935	Document DOCD-526
M3	Victoria Spivey	Black Snake Blues	1926	Copulation Blues	TRIKONT us-0277
M4	Otis Rush	Keep On Loving Me Baby (COBRA 5030)	1958	Cobra Records Story	WARNER42012-2
M5	Magic Sam	All Night Long  (COBRA 5025)	1958	Cobra Records Story	WARNER42012-2
M6	Buddy Guy	This Is The End (ARTISTIC 1503)	1958	Cobra Records Story	WARNER42012-2
M7	Frank Zappa	Baby Snakes	1979	Sheik Yerbouti	ZAP 2-1501
M8	Alvin Robinson	Serpent Woman		Gumbo Stew	ACE CDCHD-520
M9	Ivan 'Boogaloo Joe' Jones	Snake Rhythm Rock	1973	Snake Rhythm Rock	BGP/ FANTASY CDBGPD-043
M10	Wilko Johnson	Barbed Wire Blues	1988	Barbed Wire Blues	JUNGLE RECORDS FREUD 26 
M11	Sheena & The Rokkets	Snakeman	1980	Channel Good	ALFA Records ALR-28005
M12	Rokkets, The	Black Snake	1984	Rokket Size	Speedstar VIJL-60064
M13	Sonhouse	King Snake Blues	1975	Kingsnake Highway	TEITIKU TECH25160
M14	Eric Clapton & Jimmy Page	Snake Drive	1968	Blues AnytimeΙ	IMMEDIATE/TEICHIKU 25CP-28
Jan 7, mon(Shibuya), 13 sun(Kurume). 2012 (12/27 thu- rec)					
#264 Original Cue Sheet
#263 AutomoVille
前THEME1	Rolling Stones	Doom And Gloom	2012	GRRR!	ROLLING STONES UICY 10033/5
M1	Andre Williams	Cadillac Jack	1968	Chess Story 1965-1975	CHESS CD 11-15
M2	Martha & The Vandellas	Motoring	1965	Dance Party	MOTOWN O16 836-2
M3	Roy Brown	Cadillac Baby	1950	Blues Deluxe 	CHARLY 289
M4	Alex Chilton	Little GTO	1989	Black List	NEW ROSE TECP-25266
M5	Chuck Berry	Jaguar & Thunderbird	1960	Golden Decade #2	CHESS 2CH 60023
M6	Robert Johnson	Terraplane Blues	1937	True Revolution/King Of The Delta Blues Singers	SAMPLE/CBS- COLUMBIA 
M7	Janis Joplin	Mercedes Benz	1970	from 45	COLUMBIA 4-45379
M8	Eric Andersen	Ol'55	1975	from 45	ARISTA ASDJ-0120
M9	Kinks, The	Cadillac	1964	You Really Got Me	US REPRISE RS-6143
M10	Sheena & The Rokkets	Friction Drive	1984	New Hippies	Speedstar VICL-60002
M11	Sheena & The Rokkets	Oldsmobile Rock 	1997	@HEART	Speedstar VIJL-60063(LP)
M12	Sheena & The Rokkets	Sexy Rider	1992	(Ha! Ha! Ha!) Hard Drug	Speedstar VICL-310
M13	Sonhouse	Zigoku 'e Drive	1983	Poison	TEITIKU HR-7
M14	Lightnin' Hopkins	Automobile Blues	1949	Early Recordings	ARHOOLIE R2007
Dec 3, mon(Shibuya), 9 sun(Kurume). 2012 (11/20 tue- rec)					
#263 Original Cue Sheet
#262 MaorauVille+1962
前THEME1	Nat Kendrick & The Swans	Mashed Potatoes	1960	 Atlantic R&B 1947-1974 - Volume 5: 1961-1965	Rhino 8122-77579-2
M1	Tornados	Telster	1962		DECCA
M2	Ricky Nelson	Young World	1962		IMPERIAL
M3	Ray Charles and His Orckestra	Hit The Road Jack	1961	EP "I Can't Stop Loving You"	KING/ABC-PARAMOUNT 17P-5
M4	Lord Creator	Indipendent Jamaica	1962	Ska's The Limit	ISLAND 314-524 393-2
M5	Major Lance	The Monkey Time	1962	Um, Um, Um, Um….	Epic Sony ESCA-7510
M6	Isley Brothers	Twist & Shout	1962	The Sceptor Records Story	CAPRICORN 942003-2
M7	Booker T. & The MG's	Green Onions	1962	Green Onions	ATLANTIC 7567-82255-2
M8	Crickets	Don't Ever Change	1962	45	LIBERTY UK LIB-55441
M9	Johnny Kidd & The Pirates	I Can Tell	1962	45	uk H.M.V. POP-1088
M10	ファニーカンパニー(桑名正博 R.I.P.)	Sweet Home 大阪	1972	45	ATLANTIC/WARNER-PIONEER L-1113A
M11	Sheena & The Rokkets	Pillow Talk	1989	DREAM + REVOLT	SpeedstarVICL-60009
M12	Sheena & The Rokkets	Sugar Finger	1987	#9	Speedstar VICL-60007
M13	Sheena & The Rokkets	恋をしようぜ	1984	New Hippies	Speedstar VICL-60002
Novt 5, mon(Shibuya), 11 sun(Kurume). 2012 (10/30 tue- rec)
  今回はスペシャルゲストにシーナ&ロケッツ・ファンクラブ・HippyHappyHouseの会長、まおらうさんを迎えて、来る11月23日下北沢、クラブ440でシーナ’s HappyBirthDayLive Partyの話題を交えて"1962"のテーマで選曲しています。
#262 Original Cue Sheet
#261 50Anniv.Ville
前THEME1	Rolling Stones	Talkin' 'bout You		Gathers No Moss	POLYDOR/LONDON L28P 1825/6
M1	Scatman Clothers	Exactly Like You		Rock And Roll	TOPS L-1511
M2	Louis Jordan	Is You Is Or Is You Ain't	1943	And His Tympani Five	TD-001
M3	Dr. Feelgood & The Interns	Mr. Moonlight		Dr. Feelgood & The Interns	Okeh OKM-12101
M4	Lee Dorsey 	Yes We Can		Yes We Can Then Some	Polydor 314 517 865 -2
M5	Meters	Good Old Funky Music		Zony Mash	SUNDAZED SC-6211
M6	Cyril Neville	Gossip		Gumbo Ya-Ya	P-VINE PCD-1613
M7	Rolling Stones	Get Off Of My Cloud	1965	The Rolling Stones Golden Album	KING RECORDS/LONDON SLH 53
M8	Rolling Stones	Satisfaction	1965	The Rolling Stones Golden Album	KING RECORDS/LONDON SLH 53
M9	Rolling Stones	The Last Time	1965	The Rolling Stones Golden Album	KING RECORDS/LONDON SLH 53
M10	Sheena & The Rokkets	Satisfaction	1981	Pinup Baby Blues	Alfa 32XA-236
M11	Sheena & The Rokkets	Harlem Shuffle	1997	@HEART	Speedstar VIJL-60063(LP)
M12	Sheena & The Rokkets	Tell Me	2000	Rock The Rock	Speedstar VIJL-60064
Oct 1, mon(Shibuya), 14 sun(Kurume). 2012 (9/25 tue- rec)					
#260 rolling5t0nesVille
前THEME1	Nicky Hopkins, Ry Cooder, Charlie Watts, Mick Jagger, Bill Wyman	Edward's Thrump Up	1972	Jamming With Edward	Rolling Stones Records COC 39100 	
M1	Rolling Stones	Carol	1964	Rock'n'Rolling Stones	LONDON RECORDS L20P 1031	
M2	Rolling Stones	Down The Road Apiece	1964	Heart Breakers 14 Rock & Shake	LONDON RECORDS L20P 1002	
M3	Rolling Stones	Around & Around	1964	Heart Breakers 14 Rock & Shake	LONDON RECORDS L20P 1002	
M4	Rolling Stones	We Love You (この世界に愛を)	1967	Collector's Box Vol. 1	UICY-91558〜71	
M5	Rolling Stones	19th Nervous Breakdown	1966	Collector's Box Vol. 1	UICY-91558〜71	
M6	Rolling Stones	2000 Light Years From Home	1967	Collector's Box Vol. 1	UICY-91558〜71	
M7	Rolling Stones	Dandelion	1967	Big Hits #2	DECCA	
M8	Rolling Stones	She's A Rainbow	1967	Rolled Gold	DECCA	
M9	Rolling Stones	Lady Jane	1966	Rolled Gold	DECCA	
M10	Sheena & The Rokkets	Ruby Tuesday	1986	Captain Guitar And Baby Rock	Speedstar VDR-9043-4	
M11	Sheena & The Rokkets	Suzy-Q	1980	Channel Good	ALFA 32XA-235	
Sept 3, mon(Shibuya), 9 sun(Kurume). 2012 (8/28 tue- rec)						
#259 Summer SpecialVille
前THEME1	Muddy Waters	Muddy Waters Twist	1962	EP	Originally from Chess 1827
M1	Beach Boys	That's Why God Made The Radio	2012	That's Why God Made The Radio	Capitol/ 東芝TOCP-71311
M2	Brian Wilson	Keep An Eye On Summer	1998	Imagination	BMG BVCG-706
M3	Beach Boys	All Summer Long	1964	ALL SUMMER LONG	Capitol/ 東芝TOCP-3317
M4	John Lee Hooker	I Wanna Ramble	1963	SHAKE 'EM ON DOWN	FLAT-TOP FTB-CD01
M5	Willie Nix	Just Can't Stay	1953	SHAKE 'EM ON DOWN Vol.2	FLAT-TOP FTB-CD069
M6	Fred McDowell	Shake 'Em On Down		SHAKE 'EM ON DOWN Vol.3	FLAT-TOP FTB-CD070
M7	Robert Wilkins	Alabama Blues	1929	KING OF MEMPHIS TOWN	ROOTS 333
M8	Betty Everett	My Love (Piano by Little Brother Montgomery)	1957	BETTY EVERETT & LILIAN OFFITT	FLYRIGHT 589
M9	Eddie Boyd	Too Bad (Gtr by Peter Green, Bs by John McVie)	1969	I'LL DUST MY BROOM	LONDON PS-554
M10	Sheena & The Rokkets	Wild One	1988	Happy House	Speedstar VICL-60008
M11	Sheena & The Rokkets	Come On	1979	#1	Elbon BON-7003
M12	Sheena & The Rokkets	I Love You	1979		
M13	Sheena & The Rokkets	Oh Lonely Boy	2008	JAPANIK	Speedstar VICL-62803
Ending Theme	Eddie Boyd	Pinetop's Boogie Woogie	1969	I'LL DUST MY BROOM	LONDON PS-554
Aug 6, mon(Shibuya), 12 sun(Kurume). 2012 (7/31 tue- rec)					
#259 Original Cue Sheet #258 1977ville
前THEME1	Television	See No Evil	1977	Marquee Moon	Elektra 7E-1098
M1	Joey Ramone	Rock'n Roll Is The Answer	2012	 …Ya Know? 	BMG 8100301-2
M2	Minami Koji & The Constrictors	どうしようもない恋の唄	2012	Legendary Glitter Alive	SNAKE PIT-001
M3	Johnny Yoshinaga	Honky Tonk Lady	2004	"J"	EDOYA J-1
M4	Johnny Guitar Watson	A Real Mother For Ya	1977	45	DJM-1024
M5	Bob Marley & The Wailers	Roots	1977	45	ISLAND WIP-6402
M6	Stranglers	Sometimes	1977	45	UA/キング CM-89
M7	Sex Pistols	Holiday In The Sun	1977	Never Mind The Bollocks	VIRGIN CDV-2086
M8	Damned	Neat Neat Neat	1977	地獄に堕ちた野郎ども	帝チク-20305
M9	Ian Dury & The Blockheads	Sex Drugs & Rock & Roll	1977	New Boots & Panties	EDSEL MEDCD-751
M10	Sheena & The Rokkets	Freedom Chain〜自由がほしい	1992	(Ha! Ha! Ha!) Hard Drug	Speedstar VICL-310
M11	Sheena & The Rokkets	Tears, Stars Y Rainbow <涙と星と瞳の中の小さな虹> 	1992	(Ha! Ha! Ha!) Hard Drug	Speedstar VICL-310
july 2, mon(Shibuya), 8 sun(Kurume). 2012 (6/26 tue- rec)		
#257 1978Ville
前THEME1	rolling stones	Far Away Eyes	1978	Some Girls	ROLLING STONES RECORDS COC 39108
M1	Elvis Costello	I Don't Want To Go To Chelsea	1978	This Year's Model	RADER RECORDS RAD3
M2	Wilko Johnson & Solid Senders	Dr. Dupree	1978	Solid Senders	Virgin V2105
M3	George Thorogood	Who Do You Love	1978	Move It on Over	Rounder 613 024
M4	Buzzcocks	Get On Our Own	1978	Another Music In A Different Kitchen	UA UAG-30159
M5	X-Ray Specs	Art-I-Ficial	1978	Germfree Addlescents	EMI INS-3023
M6	XTC	Beatown	1978	GO	Virgin V2108
M7	Nick Lowe	Little Hitler	1978	Basher	Columbia CK-45313
M8	Public Image Limited	Public Image	1978	First Issue	Virgin CDV-2114
M9	Matumbi	Bluebeat & Ska	1978	The Best	EMI 7243-5-34829
M10	Sheena & The Rokkets	Namidano Highway	1979	#1	ELBON BON-7003
M11	Sheena & The Rokkets	Yumemiru Boroningyo	1979	#1	ELBON BON-7003
M12	Sheena & The Rokkets	Lemontea	1979	#1	ELBON BON-7003
EndTheme	Booker T & MG's	Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy	1969	Soul Limbo	Polydor MW-1001
june 4, mon(Shibuya), 10 sun(Kurume). 2012 (5/22 tue- rec)					
マリオ・ケンペス1978ナイト on 7/7 (土) Sheena & The Rokkets @ 吉祥寺STAR PINE'S CAFE

#256 BandVille

前THEME1	The Band	第3の男	1973	Moondog Matinee	Capitol  25393
M1	Bob Dylan & The Band	Don't Ya Tell Henry	1975	The Basement Tapes	CBS Sony 48DP-1110-1
M2	The Band	The Weight	1972	Rock Of Ages	CAPITOL CDP 7-93597
M3	The Band	Acadian Driftwood	1975	南十字星	Toshiba TOCP-65583
M4	Muddy Waters	I'm Ready	1969	Fathers & Sons	CHESS CDRED 8
M5	Muddy Waters	Love, Deep As The Ocean	1975	Woodstock Album	CHESS/MCA MVCM-22077
M6	Paul Butterfield's Better Days	New Walkin' Blues	1973	Paul Butterfield's Better Days	RHINO R2-70877
M7	Elvis Presley	Mystery Train	1955	Sun Collection	UK RCA HY-1001
M8	Chuck Berry	Promise Land	1964	from ST. Louis To Liverpool	CHESS-1488
M9	Fats Domino	I'm Ready	1959	EP Collection	UK See For Miles SEECD-416
M10	Sheena & The Rokkets	どうしても逢いたい	1987	#9	Speedstar VICL-60007
M11	Sheena & The Rokkets	Angel Eyes	1989	DREAM + REVOLT	invitation VIH-28372/Speedstar VICL-60009
M12	Sheena & The Rokkets	Ha! Ha! Ha! Hard Drug	1992	(Ha! Ha! Ha!) Hard Drug	Speedstar VICL-310
may 7, mon(Shibuya), 13 sun(Kurume). 2012 (4/25 wed- rec)					
R.I.P. LEVON HELM May 26, 1940 ~ April 19, 2012

#255 RocketVille

前THEME1	PC na Punk de PC ga Punk (Feat: Sheena & Meg) 	DJ Kagami	2005	Spark Arts	platik plat-07	
M1	Tommy McCook	Rocket Ship		Alpha Boys School	TROJAN TJCCD-179	
M2	James Cotton Band	Rockett 88	1974	100% Cotton	BUDDAH BDK-5620	
M3	Marvin Gaye	  My Love Is Waiting		Mellow	MASTERCUTS CD26	
M4	Rambling Thomas	  So Lonesome	1928	"Male Blues Vol.3" from 45	Jazz Collector JEL-4	
M5	Ed Bell	Frisco     Whistle Blues	1927	"Male Blues Vol.7" from 45	Jazz Collector JEL-17	
M6	Blind Blake	   Skeedle Loo Doo Blues	1926	"Male Blues Vol.3" from 45	Jazz Collector JEL-4	
M7	Dave Clerk Five	  Anyway You Want It	1964	from MP3		
M8	Del Shannon	  I Go To Pieces	1965	from MP3		
M9	Ike & Tina Turner	Good Bye So Long	1965	The Kent Years KENT SOUL 	CDKEND 182	
M10	Sheena & The Rokkets	Pinup Baby Blues	1981	Pinup Baby Blues	Alfa 32XA-236	
M11	Makoto Ayukawa	Rumour (with Wilko & Lew Lewis)	1993	London Session #1	Speedstar VICL-410	London
M12	Sheena & The Rokkets	Soldier	1989	DREAM + REVOLT	SpeedstarVICL-60009	
EndTheme	Moon Mullican	Rocket To The Moon		Moon Mullican Sings His All-Time Greates	KING	
apr 2, mon(Shibuya), 8 sun(Kurume). 2012 (3/28 wed- rec)						
#254 Ramblin'Ville
前THEME1	Mick Jagger	I Can't Turn You Loose		at the Whitehouse Blues Concert	
M1	Howlin' Wolf (Gtr; Hubert Sumlin)	Commit A Crime	1966	The Wolf	BLUE MOON uk BMLP-1009
M2	Jody Williams	Lucky Lou	1957	The Leading Brand	RED LIGHTNIN' RL-0018
M3	Buddy Guy	Stone Crazy	1961	In The Biginning	RED LIGHTNIN' RL-001
M4	Lonnie Johnson	Rambler's Blues	1942	He's A Jelly Roll Baker	Bluebird Recording BGM 66064-2
M5	Scrapper Blackwell	Ramblin' Blues	1931	Complete Recording Works, vol.1	DOCUMENT 6029
M6	Lightnin' Hopkins	Fast Mail Rambler		Complete Aladdin Recordings	EMI 7-96843
M7	Grateful Dead	Beat It On Down The Line	1967	#1	TOSHIBA 東芝音工 BP-8222
M8	Grateful Dead	St. Stephen	1969	AOXOMOXOA	TOSHIBA 東芝音工 BP-8745
M9	Grateful Dead	Uncle John's Band	1970	Workingman's Dead	WARNER-PIONEER P-8096
M10	Sheena & The Rokkets	Train Train	1979	#1	ELBON BON-7003
M11	Sheena & The Rokkets	Mood For The BLUES	1979	#1	ELBON BON-7003
M12	Sheena & The Rokkets	Boon Boon	1979	#1	ELBON BON-7003
mar 5, mon(Shibuya) 11 ,sun(Kurume),  2012 (2/28 tue- rec)					
#253 RestInPeaceVille
前THEME1	Blues Creation	Checkin' Up On My Baby	1969	Blues Creation	ポリドール SMP-1446
M1	布谷文夫(Fumio Nunoya)	からのベッドのブルース	1972	ニューロックの夜明け・番外編	ビクター/P-Vine PCD1471
M2	布谷文夫+ナイアガラ社中(Fumio Nunoya)	ナイアガラ音頭	1976	45	日本コロンビア LK-15-E
M3	布谷文夫(Fumio Nunoya)	達者でナ	2000	立ち眩みLIVE	ロストプラネット LPL-001
M4	Etta James	Tough Marry	1960	At Last!	CHESS/MCA CHD-12017
M5	Etta James & Sugar Pie DeSant	In The Basement	1966	CHESS Story 1965-1975	CHESS CD 11-15
M6	Etta James	Dreamer	2011	The Dreamer	Verve Forecast B0016128-02
M7	Johnny Otis	Ali Baba's Boogie	1965	Creepin' With The Cats	ACE CDCHD-325
M8	Johnny Otis	Good Golly	1957	Rock 'n' Roll Revue	CHARLY CRB-1041
M9	Al Kooper & Shuggie Otis	Shuggie's Shuffle	1969	Kooper Session	CBS SONY SONP-50190
M10	Sheena & The Rokkets	Beautiful	1997	@HEART	Speedstar VIJL-60063(LP)
M11	Sheena & The Rokkets	Japanik	2008	JAPANIK	SPEEDSTAR VICL-62803

feb 6, mon(Shibuya) 12 ,sun(Kurume),  2012 (1/31 tue- rec)	

布谷文夫・追悼記事 on rokketweb

#252 Dragonville for Year2012

前THEME1	Lalo Schifrin	Enter The Dragon (燃えよドラゴン オリジナル・サウンドトラック)	1973	Enter The Dragon (燃えよドラゴン) Original SoundTrack	WARNER PIONER P-138 W
M1	Elmore James	It Hurts Me Too	1957	House Of The Blues Vol.1	JIMCO JICK-89690
M2	Eddie Taylor	Ride 'Em On Down	1956	House Of The Blues Vol.1	JIMCO JICK-89690
M3	Mighty Joe Young	Hard Times	1967	House Of The Blues Vol.2	JIMCO JICK-89691
M4	The Litter	Action Woman	1967	Pebbles Vol.1	BFD 5016
M5	The Bees	Voices Green & Purple	1966	Pebbles Vol.3	BFD 5020
M6	The Little Boy Blues	I Can Only Give You Everything	1966	Pebbles Vol.2	BFD 5019
M7	Dennis Brown	Let There Be Light	1990	Unchallenged	GREENSLEEVES GREL-138 U.K.
M8	Jr. Wells 	Cut That Out	1953	In My Younger Days	RED LIGHTNIN' RL-007, U.K.
M9	Trojans	Acid Rain	1987	Phoenix	GAZ 12-006
M10	ゲーリー・ルイスとプレイボーイズ	恋のダイアモンドリング	1965	7'	東芝音工/ LIBERTY LR-1223
M11	DEVO	Satisfaction	1977	7'	STIFF (UK) BUY-1
M12	YMO	Tighten Up	1981	7'	ALFA ALR-725
M13	Sheena	Bon Temps Rouler	1982	Beautiful	YEN YLR-28005
M14	Sheena	Help Me	1982	Beautiful	YEN YLR-28005
M15	Sheena	Chanel No #5 No On The Rock	1982	Beautiful	YEN YLR-28005
jan 2,9, mon(Shibuya) 8 ,sun(Kurume),  2012 (12/27 tue- rec)					
Special Guest; DJ Akune
Featuring Ayukawa Kompiled Albums in the 90s, "The House Of The Blues Vol.1 + Vol.2" (JIMCO) & "GREAT PEBBLES" (BOMP RECORDS MSI 13068)
#252 Original Cue Sheet
#251 440ville DJ Akune+DJ Yamana for Sheena's Birthday Live
前THEME1	Flamin' Groovies	Headin' for the Texas Border 	1970	Flamingo	Kama Sutra KSBS 2021
M1	Rezillos	Glad All Over	1978	Can't Stand the Rezillos	Sire, K 56530
M2	Sheena & The Rokkets	たいくつな世界	1980	Channel Good	ALFA 32XA-235
M3	Devo	Uncontrolable Urge	1978	Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! 	VIRGIN OVED37
M4	Sheena & The Rokkets	恋はノーノーノー	1978	Field Recorded Live At Q-dai, 19781122	A Cassette Recordings
M5	Sheena & The Rokkets	シュガリー	1978	Field Recorded Live At Q-dai, 19781122	A Cassette Recordings
M6	Sheena & The Rokkets	Walkin' The Dog	1978	Field Recorded Live At Q-dai, 19781122	A Cassette Recordings
M7	Rolling Stones	Going To A Go Go	1981	All Selections Are 7' and 45rpm Records	Rolling Stones RSR 110 *
M8	Charlie Palmieri	Up Tight	1968	All Selections Are 7' and 45rpm Records	Atlantic 45-2384 *
M9	Action	    I'll Keep On Holding On	1966	All Selections Are 7' and 45rpm Records	EDSEL 5001
M10	Jimmy McCracklin	The Walk	1958	All Selections Are 7' and 45rpm Records	CHECKER 886 *
M11	Phil Upchurch Combo	Can't Sit Down	1961	All Selections Are 7' and 45rpm Records	Esquire (UK) 801
M12	Arthur Alexander	You Better Move On	1962	All Selections Are 7' and 45rpm Records	DOT 12-61 *
M13	Supremes	You Keep Me Hangin' On	1966	All Selections Are 7' and 45rpm Records	MOTOWN (J) SJET 21186
M14	Donny Hathaway	Little Ghetto Boy	1972	All Selections Are 7' and 45rpm Records	ATCO 6880 *
dec 5,12, mon(Shibuya) 11 ,sun(Kurume),  2011 (12/2 fri- rec)					* = Original Vinyl

DJ Akune + DJ Ayu + DJ Yamana
#251 Original Cue Sheet
#250 1971ville
前THEME1	Joe Houston	All Night Long	1954	20 Super Rhythm & Blues Hits Vol.2	KENT 5810
M1	Honeyboy Edwards	Roamin' And Ramblin' Blues	1942	Delta Bluesman	INDIGO IGO CD 2003
M2	Charlie McCoy	That Lonesome Train Took My Baby Away	1930	Blues Roots /Mississippi	RBF-14
M3	SuperHeavy	Miracle Worker	2011	SuperHeavy	UNIVERSAL UICA-1060
M4	Billy Preston	Nothing From Nothing	1974	45s	A&M 1544
M5	Five Stair Steps	Ooh Child		45s	COLLECTABLES COL-3085
M6	Ska Flames	Tokyo Shot	1988	45s	SUNSHOT BF-001
M7	Beach Boys	Darlin'	1968	Wild Honey	EMI T-2859
M8	Beach Boys	Heros & Villains	1967	Smiley Smile	EMI ST-9001
M9	Beach Boys	Student Demonstration Time	1971	Surf's Up	REPRISE RS-9455
M10	Sheena & The Rokkets	Koi Wa No No No	1978	45s Flip Side from "NamidaNo Hiway"	ELBON BON-1014
M11	Sheena & The Rokkets	Angel Eyes	1989	45s Flip Side from "I Gotta Move"	VICTOR INVITATION VIHX-1769
M12	Sheena & The Rokkets	Krazy Kool Kat	1981	45s Flip Side from "PinUp Baby Blues"	ALFA ALR-737
nov 7 &14, mon(Shibuya) 13 ,sun(Kurume),  2011 (10/28 fri- rec)		
Turn on your Radio or Tune in your PC to 渋谷FM InternetRadio #249 RockSeenVille
前THEME1	Sheena & The Rokkets	The Spy	1988	Happy House	Speedstar VICL-60008
M1	布谷文夫	台風13号	1973	悲しき夏バテ	Polydor POCH-9026
M2	Charlie Patton	Down The Dirt Road Blues	1929	The Immortal Charlie Patton 1887-1934, Number 2	OLIGIN OJL-7
M3	Tommy Johnson	Maggie Campbell Blues	1928	Really! The Country Blues 1927-1933	OLIGIN OJL-2
M4	Lionel Hampton Orch. (featuring Coleman Hawkins)	Dinah	1939	Body & Soul	RCA LPV-501
M5	Dizzy Gillespie	Time On My Hands	1951	The Champ	Toshiba EMI WAJ-70101
M6	Django Reinhardt	Brazil	1953	Swing It Lightly	Columbia KC-31479
M7	John Lennon	Whatever Gets You Thru The Night	1974	Power To The People -The Hits	EMI 5099990664021
M8	New York Dolls	Who Are The Mystery Girl?	1974	In Too Much Too Soon	Mercury UICY-2408
M9	Blondie	Heart Of Glass	1978	Extended 70's	Optimum Sounds
M10	Sheena & The Rokkets	Morning Train Home	1994	ROCK'N'ROLL HEART 2 (and roots) 	Speedstar VCL-22025
M11	Sheena & The Rokkets	Kiss Kiss Kiss	1994	ROCK'N'ROLL HEART 2 (and roots) 	Speedstar VCL-22025
oct 3,10, mon(Shibuya) 9 ,sun(Kurume),  2011 (9/27 tue- rec)					
Bob Gruen's Newest Hardcover Photobook "ROCK SEEN"Just Released #248 NARA-ville
前THEME1	Baby Face Leroy	Rollin' And Tumblin' (Part2)	1950	Down Home Chicago Blues	P-VINE PLP-9038
M1	Hambone Willie Newbern	Roll and Tumble Blues	1929	The Mississippi Blues No. 3: Transition, 1926-1937 	OLIGIN OJL-17
M2	Garfield Akers   	Dough Roller Blues	1930	The Mississippi Blues Number 2 	OLIGIN OJL-11
M3	William Harris 	   Bullfrog Blues	1930	The Mississippi Blues 1927-1940	OLIGIN OJL-5
M4	Elmore James	Dust My Blues (Trumpet)	1951	The Very Best Of --)	RHINO R2-79803
M5	Fleetwood Mac	Watch Out	1969	Blues Jam At Chess #1	CBS SONY ESCA-7563
M6	Rolling Stones	Dancing With Mr.D	1973	Goats Head Soup	CBS SONY 32DP-602
M7	Sheena & The Rokkets	Be Cool	1989	DREAM + REVOLT	SpeedstarVICL-60009
M8	Sheena & The Rokkets	Virus Capsule	1979	#1	ELBON BON-7003
M9	Sheena & The Rokkets	Dream + Revolt	1989	DREAM + REVOLT	SpeedstarVICL-60009
sept 5,12, mon(Shibuya) 11 ,sun(Kurume),  2011 (8/30 tue- rec)
GUEST DJ; 奈良敏博 from Sheena & The Rokkets #247 RIP Toyo-Ville
前THEME1	Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell	How Long, How Long Blues No.2	1928	MOVIN' ON UP - THE STORY OF AFRO-AMERICAN MUSIC(ブラック・ミュージックの歴史)	MCA / VICTOR VIM-5/7 (1983)
M1	Tommy Johnson	Canned Heat Blues	1929	BLUES 1920-40 (RCAブルースの古典)	RCA / VICTOR RA-5433/5 (1971)
M2	Bob Dylan	Like A Rolling Stone	1965	Hiway61 Revisited	COLUMBIA
M3	Sonhouse	地獄へドライブ	1974	45	DレーベルSON001
M4	Rolling Stones	No Expectations	1969	Beggers Banquet	UNIVERSAL UICY-93027
M5	The Who	La La La La Lies	1965	My Generation	MCA2-4068
M6	Jeff Beck Group	Jailhouse Rock	1967	Beck-Ola	EMI Toshiba TOCP-53094
M7	Yard Birds	Shape Of Things	1966	45	US EPIC 5-9891
M8	Unknown Artist	OOOO-Oh Yeah		45	Unknown Black Label
M9	Little Milton	Nothing Beats A Failure		45	CHECKER CK-1239
M10	Sheena & The Rokkets	Poison	1988	Happy House	Speedstar VICL-60008
M11	Sheena & The Rokkets	Lady Sniper	1988	Happy House	Speedstar VICL-60008
Aug 1, mon(Shibuya) 14 ,sun(Kurume),  2011 (7/26 tue- rec)
R.I.P. 中村とうよう 1932-2011 #246 R.L.100yearsVille2
246	前THEME1	They're Red Hot	Eric Clapton	2004	Me and Mr. Johnson	Warner Bros.  48423		
246	M1	Kinks	Sittin' On My Sofa	1965	45	REPRISE0471
246	M2	Manhattan Transfer	Chanson D'amour		45	ATLANTIC K-10886
246	M3	Procol Harum	青い影	1966	45	KING LS-139
246	M4	David 'HoneyBoy' Edwards	Drop Down Mama	1953	Drop Down Mama	Chess LP 411
246	M5	Johnny Shines	Evening Sun	1953		JOB 1010
246	M6	Kid Bailey	Mississippi Bottom Blues	1929	日暮 泰文 著「RL─ロバート・ジョンスンを読む」付属CDより	
246	M7	Gregg Allman	Devil Got My Woman	2011	Low Country Blues	ROUNDER UCCO-6003
246	M8	Percey Sledge	Feed The Flame	1968	Take Time To Know Her	ATLANTIC AMCY-2926
246	M9	Kitty, Daisy & Lewis	Tomorrow	2011	Smoking In Heaven	SUNDAY BRC-292
246	M10	Char	Smokin'	2011	TRADROCK "Char" by Char
246	M11	Sheena & The Rokkets	Jungle Jungle	1989	Dream+Revolt	SpeedstarVICL-60009
246	July 10 ,sun(Kurume),  11, mon(Shibuya)2011 (6/28 tue- rec)
Happy Birthday Honeyboy! 1915.6.28--96Years Old!!
char+鮎川誠 あついこころのUNISON
#245 RobertJohnson100yearsVille
前THEME1	Paul Butterfield Blues Band	Walkin' Blues  1966  EAST-WEST      Elektra 2-7315			
M1	Robert Johnson	Sweet Home Chicago	Nov.23rd, 1936	Bottleneck Blues Guitar Classics 1926-1937	YAZOO L-1026
M2	Robert Johnson	Little Queen Of Spades	June 20th 1937	Masters Of The Blues 1928-1940	HISTORICAL HLP-31
M3	Robert Johnson	Milkcow's Calf Blues, tk2	1937	Mississippi Blues, No.3 Transition:1926-1937	ORIGIN OJL-17
M4	Robert Jr. Lockwood	Aw Baby (a.k.a. Sweet Home Chicago) 		House Of The Blues #1	JIMCO JICK-89690
M5	Muddy Waters	Walkin' Blues		The Best Of Muddy Waters, #1	VICTOR SJET-8156
M6	Bonnie Raitt	Walkin' Blues		Bonnie Raitt	W.BROS 1953-2
M7	Brook Benton	Do It Right		45	MERCURY 72365
M8	Lou Rawls	When Love Goes Wrong		45	CAPITOL 5941
M9	Sam & Dave	I Found Out		45	ROULETTE 4533
M10	Ayukawa Makoto	Stop Breaking Down	1992	London Session #1	
M11	Sheena & The Rokkets	RoughNeck Blues	1988	Happy House	
M12	Sheena & The Rokkets	Earring	1988	Happy House	
M12	Freddie King	Sweet Home Chicago	1974	Live at the Electric Ballroom, 1974	BLACK TOP BLC-1127
june 12 ,sun(Kurume),  13, mon(Shibuya)2011 (5/24 tue- rec)

Robert Leroy Johnson (May 8, 1911 in Hazelhurst, Mississippi -August 16, 1938 in Greenwood, Mississippi)
日暮泰文著「ロバート・ジョンソンを読む」(P-Vine Books)
#244 DelmarkVille
前THEME1	J.B. Hutto & The Hawks	Hawk Squat	1968	J. B. Hutto-Hawk Squat	DELMARK DD-617
M1	Dave Weld & The Imperial Flames	Burnin' Love	2010	Burnin' Love	DELMARK DE-806
M2	Jo Jo Williams	All Pretty Women	1959	Delmark Blues Masterpiece 	DELMARK TD-6
M3	J.B. Hutto & The Hawks	Speak My Mind	1968	J. B. Hutto-Hawk Squat	DELMARK DD-617
M4	Earl Hooker	Blue Guitar	1961	45	AGE 29106
M5	Dells	Believe Me	1966-69	45	CADET 5649
M6	Gene Allison	I'm A Fool For Waiting You	1958	45	VEE-JAY 299
M7	細野晴臣	Walker's Blues	2011	HoSoNoVa	SPEEDSTAR VICL-63777
M8	高田渡	蓮〜Hey Hey Blues	1976	Fishin' On Sunday	徳間ジャパン:TKCA-72946
M9	細野晴臣	Pom Pom 蒸気	1976	泰安洋行	Nippon Crown CRCP-28002 
M10	Sheena & The Rokkets	Pom Pom 蒸気	2009	H. Hosono's Strange Song Book	Rhythm Zone RZCM-45783/4/B
M11	Sheena & The Rokkets	Train Train	1997	@HEART	Speedstar VIJL-60063(LP)
M12	Sheena & The Rokkets	You May Dream	1981	Sheena & The Rokkets(USA) 	A&M SP-4875
May 2 ,mon(Shibuya),  8,sun(Kurume) 2011 (4/22 fri- rec)					

#243 Oil City-Ville

前THEME1	Shadows, The	FBI	1961	The Shadows' Greatest Hits	COLUMBIA SCX 1522
前THEME2	Ray Charles	You Are My Sunshine	1963	45	ABC Paramount
M1	Little Richard	Send Me Some Lovin'	1957	Specialty Story	SPECIALTY 5SPCD4412
M2	Cecil Gant	I Wonder (Decca 9-30320)	1957	Complete Recordings	BLUE MOON BMCD6022
M3	Clarence Palmer & The Jive Bombers	Bad Boy	1956	Bob Dylan-Radio Radio	MUSIC MELON BOX10
M4	Steve Miller Band	Baby's Callin' Me Home	1968	1st LP "CHILDREN OF The Future"	TOSHIBA ECS-80888
M5	Steve Miller Band	Living In The USA	1969	2nd LP "Sailor"	TOSHIBA CP-8577
M6	Steve Miller Band	Space Cowboy	1970	3rd LP "Brave New World"	CAPITOL SKAO-184
M7	Wilko Johnson	Back In The Night	1980	Omake(Free Single) on "Ice On The Motorway"	NIGHTHAWK RECORDS
M8	Dr. Feelgood	I'm A Man (Live)	2010	Oil City Confidential	EMI 50999 609463 2 4
M9	Lew Lewis Reformer	Photo-Finish	1979	B-side of "Win Or Lose"	STIFF RECORDS BUY 48
M10	Makoto Ayukawa	Around & Around	1992	London Session #2	Speedstar VICL-420
Mar,7,mon(Shibuya),  13,sun(Kurume) 2011 (3/1 tue- rec)					

#242 CharlieVille

前THEME	Earl Hooker	Two Bags In A Rug	1972	Theres A Fungus Amung Us	Red Lightnin' RL009
M1	Charlie Spand	Ain't Gonna Stand For That	1929	Uptown Blues	YAZOO L-1042
M2	Charley Patton	Pea Vine Blues	1929	Mississippi Blues	YAZOO L-1001
M3	Charlie Campbell	Goin' Away Blues	1937	Uptown Blues	YAZOO L-1042
M4	Rico	Easy Snappin'	1981	That Man Is Forward	VIVID VDBD-1005
M5	Linton Kwesi Johnson	Loraine	1980	Bass Culture	ISLAND PHCR-4716
M6	Lee Perry	Rubba Rubba Words	1988	Scratchattack	RAS CRCJ-3023
M7	Shadows Of Knight	Gloria	1966	Gloria	Sundazed 5034
M8	Shadows Of Knight	Gospel Zone	1967	Back Door Men	Sundazed 5035
M9	Shadows Of Knight	Follow	1969	S.O.K.	Super K.6002
M10	Sheena & The Rokkets	EarRing	1988	Happy House	Speedstar VICL-60008
M11	Sheena & The Rokkets	Permanent Honeymoon	1989	7" 	VIHX-1774
M12	Sheena & The Rokkets	Glory Of Love	1988	Happy House	Speedstar VICL-60008
Feb,7,mon(Shibuya),  13,sun(Kurume) 2011 (1/25 tue- rec)					
#241 Hiroshi-Ville
DJ 関口弘氏を迎えて
前THEME	Cramps	Swinging The Big Eyed Rabbit	1994	Flamejob	CREATION
M1	Blind Lemon Jefferson	Rabbit Foot Blues	1926	The Best Of B.L.J.	Victor-Milestone
M2	Charley Booker	Rabbit Blues	1952		Blues & Rhythm 7003
M3	Baby Face Leroy	Pet Rabbit	1951	from CHICAGO BLUES 1/4世紀	PEAVINE
M4	Howlin' Wolf	You'll Be Mine	1961	45 from The 関口弘 Kollection	CHESS 1813
M5	Doctor Ross	Cat Squirrel	1959	45 from The 関口弘 Kollection	FORTUNE 857
M6	Frankie Lee Sims	She Likes To Boogie Woogie Real Low	1957	45 from The 関口弘 Kollection	VIN 1006
M7	Eddie Kirk(land)	The Hawg pt.1	1965	45 from The 関口弘 Kollection	VOLT 1096
M8	Arthur Gunter	Honey Babe	1955	45 from The 関口弘 Kollection	EXCELLO 2058
M9	The Playboys	Boogie Children	1964	45 from The 関口弘 Kollection	JEWEL 737
M10	The Blues Rockers	Callin' All Cow	1955	45 from The 関口弘 Kollection	EXCELLO 2062
M11	Sheena & The Rokkets	ABC	1986	Gathered	initation VIH-28260
M12	Sheena & The Rokkets	Happy House	1988	Happy House	Speedstar VICL-60008
M13	Sheena & The Rokkets	Honey Dripper	1986	Gathered	initation VIH-28260
後THEME	Marc Bolan	Rabbit Fighter	1972	The Slider	EMI
Jan,9,sun(Kurume),  10,mon(Shibuya) 2011 (12/28 fri- rec)					

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